Shower massage

Immerse yourself in ecstasy with our shower massage - relaxing yet at the same time exciting experience. This treatment begins in shower, where you will spend 10 minutes to warm up and shake off the chill. Wars water will wash off the fatigue of your daily routine and prepare your body for unforgettable sensual enjoyment.

Your adventure will be continued in comfy bed where you are going to have 60 minutes of an extensive body massage. Sensitive and ingenious masseuses of our parlor will use all manners of sophisticated tantric and erotic techniques of massage to make you feel the full range of sensational pleasures.

Dexterous and delicate hands of masseuse will relax all the tired muscles of your body and liberate sexual energy accumulated in the lower back. Every single part of your body will feel ultimate relaxation together with energizing excitement.
After a full hour of massage you will be ready for the piece de resistance of the program, which is a 10 incredible minutes of body-to-body massage. Body-to-body massage is an erotic massage during which you have a full body stimulation. Unlike the other types of massage all parts of your body from top to toe including the privy parts will be rubbed by sleek and beautiful body of the sensual and hot masseuse of our parlour.

Aromatic massage oils will make your skin sensitive to the touching of masseuse so that her body will slightly glide over your body providing ultimately intimate pleasure.

After reaching the peak of enjoyment during body-to-body massage session this treatment will be finished in the quick sensual bath with our therapist to remove the massage oils.

Shower massage will help you to release the stress of your everyday life and to move your mind into the world of top-quality pleasures. Except the unforgettable sensual experience shower massage has therapeutic benefits of classical massage.

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Shower massage in Paris, France. SweetSensations provides 24-hour incall and outcall massage services. SweetSensations will fullfil your dreams. Our essential services are sensual, tantra, erotic, yoni, body to body, nuru massage.


Shower massage (90 min)