Escort Girl Maria in Paris

Age 25 years old

Eyes Brown

Hair Brown

Hair length Long

Pubic hair Shaved

Tattoes No

Height 176

Weight 59

Build Athletic

Cup size C

Breasts Type Natural

Dress size 0

Smoker No

Languages English, Russian

Experience 3 years

Orientation Men, Women

The Quintessence of Elegance: A Journey Through Sensuality with Maria in Paris

Hello and welcome, you who seek the extraordinary. My name is Maria, your private muse in the vibrant city of Paris. With three years of enriching experiences, I am a polyglot in the languages of desire and comfort, catering to both men and women in need of genuine companionship and unforgettable moments.

Your Personal Oasis of Serene Euphoria

Curious about the exotic world of Nuru massage? Or perhaps the earthy touch of an Outcall massage that delivers serenity to your very doorstep. For those desiring a taste of passion enwrapped in luxurious settings, my special Romantic package in Paris offers a realm of sensual escapades. With each stroke and touch, I unveil a universe of tactile delight that titillates and nourishes, leaving no stone unturned in the landscape of your deepest yearnings.

Let us talk about numbers for a moment; I’m 25, standing elegantly at 176 cm, and maintain an athletic frame weighing 59 kg. These aren’t mere numbers; they’re coordinates to a world where fantasy and reality rendezvous at your command. And speaking of coordinates, my C-cup natural breasts and a perfectly smooth shave point to a topography crafted to captivate your senses.

Brown eyes that mirror the warm earth, long brown hair that flows like a river through a sun-kissed terrain; I am a slice of natural paradise awaiting your discovery. Language isn’t a barrier, but rather a bridge, as I speak English and Russian fluently. We can converse in tongue-tied silences and unspoken gestures, or engage in stimulating discussions—the choice is all yours.

Though I’m not one to light up a cigarette, I do love igniting the flames of passion and intrigue. My no-smoking policy and absence of tattoos ensure that I remain your unadulterated sanctuary, free from distractions and full of endless possibilities. Adorned in a dress size of zero, I encapsulate the finest elements of fashion and functionality, seamlessly.

As a discerning individual, you’re seeking not just an experience, but a memory that can be replayed in high definition. So why settle for the mundane when the spectacular is within reach? I invite you to reach out, take my hand, and embark on an unparalleled journey through the tapestry of sensual delights, crafted to perfection by none other than me—Maria.

Maria's rates: 350 EUR
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Romantic package in Paris

2 hour
500 EUR
4 hour
850 EUR
8 hour
1100 EUR
12 hour
1800 EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Exotic massage

30 min
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Erotic Private and Mutual Touch Massage

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Femme à louer

30 min
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2 hour
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