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Indulge in the Sweet Sensations of Paris

Stepping into the enchanting world of Sweet Sensations, you’re not just seeking relaxation; you’re embarking on a journey. A journey through the cobblestone streets of Paris, where the allure of the City of Love takes on a whole new dimension in the embrace of our captivating masseuses.

Our Enchanting Masseuses

In the heart of the bustling 16th district, our gifted girls await your call. Imagine gentle fingers, soft as rose petals, caressing your skin, chasing away the fatigue of a long day, and immersing you in a world of sheer ecstasy. Each of our girls is trained in the art of seduction, adding a touch of romance to the already tantalizing experience of a relaxing erotic adult massage in Paris 75016.

As you search for “erotic massage near me in 16 district,” know that Sweet Sensations is your sanctuary. Our girls don’t just provide a erotic massage; they craft a tale, where every touch whispers tales of Parisian passion and elegance. Their skills bring forth a symphony, where the harmonious blend of touch, ambiance, and sensuousness transports you to a world of pure delight.

A Promise of Discretion

In the heart of Paris, where stories and secrets intertwine, Sweet Sensations holds the promise of discretion close to its heart. Every erotic massage in the 16 district with us ensures confidentiality, allowing you to let go and immerse yourself in the magic without a care in the world. Your trust is our treasure, and safeguarding it is our commitment. Whether you’re seeking a erotic massage Paris 16 district or anywhere within Paris 75016, your secrets are safe with us.

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Romantic package in Paris

2 hour
500 EUR
4 hour
850 EUR
8 hour
1100 EUR
12 hour
1800 EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Erotic Private and Mutual Touch Massage

30 min
— / 250* EUR
1 hour
400 / 350* EUR
90 min
550 / 500* EUR
2 hour
650 / 600* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Exotic massage

30 min
250 / 200* EUR
60 min
350 / 300* EUR
90 min
500 / 450* EUR
2 hour
600 / 550* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Erotic massage

30 min
250 / 200* EUR
60 min
350 / 300* EUR
90 min
450 / 400* EUR
2 hour
550 / 500* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Sensual Techniques of Euphoria

Our erotic massage techniques are a blend of traditional art and Parisian charm. The gentle strokes, the playful teasing, and the rhythmic motions are designed to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations. The very essence of a erotic massage near me in 16 district by Sweet Sensations is not just about relaxation; it’s about experiencing the subtle seduction of Paris herself.

As you indulge in a erotic massage in Paris 75016, you’re not merely receiving a service; you’re becoming part of a tale that has been passed down through generations of Parisian lovers. The techniques we use are steeped in romantic lore, ensuring that every erotic massage is a serenade, a gentle courtship that leaves you yearning for more.

In conclusion, when the evening shadows of Paris begin to lengthen and you find yourself seeking solace in a world of sensuality, remember that Sweet Sensations is just a call away. Allow us to take you on a journey where erotic massage becomes not just a therapy, but a tale of love, passion, and unparalleled pleasure.


No, you don’t. Our enchanting masseuses come prepared with everything required for the erotic massage. All you need to do is ensure a comfortable space in your home where you can truly relax and enjoy the experience.

Absolutely! Our website features profiles of all our charming masseuses. Feel free to browse through and select the one you feel a connection with. We want your erotic massage in Paris 75016 to be as personalized as possible.

Simply visit our website, Sweet Sensations, and navigate to the booking section. Input your desired date, time, and preferred masseuse, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We understand that plans can change. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to accommodate other clients and ensures our masseuses’ schedules are respected.

Currently, our home erotic massage services are focused on the Paris 75016 area. If you reside within this district, you can effortlessly book our services.

At Sweet Sensations, the well-being of our clients and masseuses is paramount. Our girls follow strict hygiene protocols, and we advise our clients to do the same. Every equipment used is sanitized before and after each session to ensure maximum safety.