Escort Girl Alesya in Paris

Nationality Russian

Age 27 years old

Eyes Brown

Hair Brown

Hair length Long

Pubic hair Shaved

Tattoes No

Height 160

Weight 50

Build Slim

Cup size C

Breasts Type Natural

Dress size 0

Smoker No

Languages English, Russian

Experience 4 years

Orientation Men, Women

A Journey of Sensory Bliss: Meet Alesya

Hello and welcome to a sanctuary of relaxation and pure bliss. My name is Alesya, your guide and partner on this remarkable journey of sensory indulgence. Hailing from Russia, a country famed for its rich traditions and soulful disposition, I come to you with 4 years of invaluable experience in the art of massage.

The Healing Power of Touch

Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned connoisseur, my aim is to make your visit unforgettable. My repertoire includes numerous massage techniques to rejuvenate both body and soul. You might opt for a Lingam massage to tap into your masculine core, a Yoni massage to explore feminine divinity, or a Nuru massage for an invigorating experience. For those looking to rekindle the romantic spark, my Couple Erotic Massage comes highly recommended.

Standing at a petite 160 cm and weighing just 50 kg, I embody the elegance and the simplicity of true beauty. My brown eyes are the windows to a soul steeped in experience, while my long, flowing brown hair complements my naturally slim build. I’ve chosen to keep my body free of tattoos to preserve its natural allure, while my natural C-cup breasts harmonize with my slim physique to provide a visually delightful and tactile experience.

A Multi-Lingual Emissary of Pleasure

Fluency in language extends beyond the spoken word. While I am proficient in both English and Russian, my true expertise lies in the language of touch. With each stroke, I aim to communicate a narrative of passion, intimacy, and unspoken desire. The purpose? To bring you to a crescendo of bliss, culminating in a sense of profound relief and euphoria.

As a non-smoker who places a high value on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, rest assured that your well-being is my top priority. I uphold the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism, ensuring that your comfort and satisfaction are taken care of from the moment you step into our sanctuary.

In a world where moments are fleeting, and touch is often taken for granted, I invite you to pause and connect with your innermost self. Here, you’ll find more than just a massage; you’ll discover a place where time stands still, and every touch is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your bliss.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a journey of sensory delight? I look forward to making your acquaintance and guiding you through an experience you won’t soon forget.

Alesya's rates: 350 EUR
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Services massage

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Erotic massage

30 min
200 / 150* EUR
60 min
300 / 250* EUR
90 min
400 / 350* EUR
2 hour
500 / 450* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Shower massage

30 min
200 / 160* EUR
60 min
350 / 300* EUR
90 min
590 / 540* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Prostate massage

30 min
240 / 200* EUR
60 min
340 / 300* EUR
90 min
440 / 400* EUR
2 hour
540 / 500* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Lingam massage

30 min
190 / 150* EUR
60 min
290 / 250* EUR
90 min
390 / 350* EUR
2 hour
490 / 450* EUR
*Outcall / Incall