Escort Girl Karolina in Paris

Nationality Spanish

Age 29 years old

Eyes Green

Hair Brown

Hair length Long

Pubic hair Shaved

Tattoes No

Height 169

Weight 55

Build Slim

Cup size C

Breasts Type Natural

Dress size 0

Smoker No

Languages English, Russian

Experience 2 years

Orientation Men, Women

Karolina: A Spanish Jewel in the City of Light

Bonjour, or should I say Hola? I’m Karolina, your sensual and vibrant companion in the heart of Paris. I’m here to make your stay in this iconic city an experience to remember, lavishing you with the tender, loving care you crave and deserve.

From the Fiery Landscapes of Spain to the Romantic Corners of Paris

Born in the sun-drenched expanses of Spain, I bring a slice of Mediterranean allure to the city that’s famously coined as a “mover of the senses.” My eyes are the color of emeralds; deep green and irresistible, they are your window to a soul teeming with untold desires. My long, brown hair is the perfect match, creating a captivating ensemble that you won’t be able to resist.

Standing at 169 cm and weighing 55 kg, my slim frame is nothing short of a marvel, naturally highlighted by my C-cup bust. I take pride in my appearance, fitting into a perfect size 0 dress that accentuates my natural, curvaceous form.

With two years of experience under my belt, my technique has been honed to perfection. I cater to both men and women, embracing the diverse spectrum of human desire with open arms and an open heart. My mastery extends to a variety of special massages, from Sensual to Tantric. Each session is an intimate journey, one where the physical and emotional entwine, providing relief that is more than just skin deep.

You will find that I am proficient in English and Russian. My multilingual abilities make me an excellent conversationalist, but our connection will likely transcend mere words. It’s in the secret language of touch, the quiet comfort of a shared gaze, where our true communication will occur.

Being a non-smoker, I value a healthy lifestyle and strive to make our time together a fragrance-filled, pure experience. My focus is on providing a space where you can truly unwind, free from the distractions and stresses that weigh down your everyday life.

So, if you are ready to elevate your Parisian experience to one of unmatched sensuality and sublime connection, all you need to do is reach out. I assure you, your time with me will be an ethereal escape you will cherish long after our rendezvous has concluded.

Sensuously Yours, Karolina

Karolina's rates: 350 EUR
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Body-2-Body massage

30 min
— / 250* EUR
60 min
400 / 350* EUR
90 min
550 / 500* EUR
2 hour
650 / 600* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Massage érotique complet avec pieds

30 min
240 / 200* EUR
60 min
340 / 300* EUR
90 min
400 / 400* EUR
2 hour
540 / 500* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Romantic package in Paris

2 hour
500 EUR
4 hour
850 EUR
8 hour
1100 EUR
12 hour
1800 EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Big breasts erotic massage

30 min
250 / 210* EUR
60 min
390 / 350* EUR
90 min
490 / 450* EUR
2 hour
590 / 550* EUR
*Outcall / Incall