Japanese Nuru Massage in Paris

An overall body massage is one typically given from the head to the toe. It typically starts with the head, neck and shoulders, then moves to the arms and front legs. You are then asked to turn over; the therapist then massages the back of your legs and lastly you’re back for about 25 minutes. Nuru Japanese massage is different; it is an intoxicating experience that is pleasurable and enticing between a male and a female; usually referred to as a couple.

While this unique activity is fantastic for boosting heightened sensations in the masseuse and client (couple), it also boasts several health benefits that can improve your overall wellness and vitality.

What is a Japanese Nuru massage?

Originating in Japan, Nuru massage is a sexually arousing activity, whereby the masseuse and person experiencing the massage are covered in a special gel. The masseuse uses their body to massage the client with extreme physical contact, creating intense sensations that are fantastic for many reasons.

What does Nuru Massage mean?

If you might be wondering where the term Nuru came from, it is a Japanese word meaning “slippery.” The Nuru Japanese massage gel happens to be one of the best lubricants for sensual and erotic Nuru massage, allowing for its participating couple to relish in one another’s touch as they both take turns rubbing each other, again with as much bodily contact as possible.
The techniques are meant to be creative in order to bring about the highest levels of arousal for both parties involved. In fact, the massage itself opens that blocked intimate splendor that lies within each one of us. The techniques harmonize our bodies and join us together in ways that are more satiating and comforting, all happening spontaneously.

The Nuru Massage Gel

The Nuru massage gel allows for easy movement during full body to body contact, providing more sexual sensations and opening the doorway for pure, unadulterated sensual pleasure, paired with the ultimate in relaxation. Before you begin participating in this massage itself, there are generous amounts of the Nuru gel poured over your body.
Following this, the masseuse glides his or her hands along your body, soothing away the aches and pains within the deep muscle tissue itself. This is carried out all over the body until your tense muscles become very supple and lighting smooth, free from stress, yet aroused by the erotic touch. This experience is sensationally in and of itself. This systematic, but erotic process allows the female partner to feel sexier than ever, while allowing the male partner to be filled with confidence in the process.

Connecting Our Pleasure Senses

As stated, Nuru massage encourages a harmonious balance within the mind and the body, all the while providing that deep intimacy between the couple involved. It is soothing, refreshing, offering lush hydration for the skin, and an exfoliation of the mind so that new ideas might emerge and passions can be freed.
So, we are looking at an ideal technique here that not only increases the libido, but unites the mind and body together.
The special Japanese Nuru gel used during this incredible experience is an ancient recipe, consisting of an extract of seaweed called Nori, found on the coastal part of Japan. It is mixed with other ingredients, such as aloe vera gel, grapefruit extract, other botanicals and water (warm water) to create a slippery gel used in soapy massages Paris.
As well as receiving sexual pleasure, Nuru massage Paris is a tantric massage that has amazing benefits for your health and wellness.

It relieves stress: Being aroused in a Paris Nuru massage not only creates sensations of pleasure, but it also relieves stress. Those who try Nuru massage Paris feel a significant improvement in mental well-being after the session.
The body techniques used by the masseuse and the skin-on-skin contact provides a wonderful erotic feeling, which makes you feel completely relaxed from your head to your toe.
I highly recommend you try out our Nuru massage in France; for anyone who wants to unwind from the stress of daily life. It's a highly addictive experience that will leave you feeling joyous for many hours after your treatment.

It relaxes your muscles: A massage Nuru in Paris is perfect for relaxing your sore or tense muscles. Even if you have other reservations at first, this safe activity and the techniques used by our professionally trained masseuse Nuru in Paris will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Our professional Nuru massage is best performed on an air bed or a waterproof sheet on the bed, so you can relish the experience as your tensed muscles relax and enjoy the indulgent sensations of your partner.

Your skin is left feeling moisturized and supple: The gel used in our erotic Nuru massage is highly moisturizing. Not only that, but it's completely odorless, and tasteless, doesn't stain and is very transparent in color.
The composition of the botanical extracts alongside Nori seaweed extract forms a very powerful slippery gel that is slightly heated just before the massage occurs. This mixture helps to firm your skin, and the antioxidants feed your skin in a positive manner like never before.

It helps to release toxins: Nuru massage is an erotic professional treatment, meaning that one of our masseuses will use her vast experience and training to deliver appropriate techniques that will soothe your needs.
The body techniques we use in body to body Nuru massage help to eliminate toxins from your body. Just ensure that you drink lots of water to flush out these toxins that have been released.

It offers sexual exploration to satisfy the body and mind: Whether you're a man or woman, single or dating, married or divorced, our Nuru massage is open to everyone. No matter what your sexual preferences are, our Nuru massage allows you to relish in the sensual energy created during this glorious activity.
The strokes on your skin as your body touches your masseuse's will allow you to engage in a safe and thrilling experience, which will bring you a mind-blowing ending that you’ll never forget.

Satisfied and Relaxed: Whether you're single or in a relationship, this will relieve those feelings of sexual frustration and serve any sexual desires that you may have, without having to engage in a relationship or one-night stand thing.
In the end, you should be intimately aroused and totally relaxed, reveling in the feelings that have been provoked within your inner self. This is the most excellent therapy for intimacy and stress relief.

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