Escort Girl Liza in Paris

Age 29 years old

Eyes Brown

Hair Red

Hair length Long

Pubic hair Shaved

Tattoes No

Height 168

Weight 60

Build Slim

Cup size B

Breasts Type Natural

Dress size 0

Smoker No

Languages English, Russian

Experience 3 years

Orientation Men, Women

Unveil The Essence of Pleasure: A Journey With Liza in Paris

Salut, Mon Chéri! Are you ready to be transported to a world where every sense is awakened, where each touch is a symphony, and each moment is a treasure? Welcome to your sanctuary of bliss. My name is Liza, your personal guide to unparalleled pleasure and tranquility in Paris. With 3 soul-enriching years in this domain, I’ve honed my skills to bring immeasurable joy and comfort to men and women alike.

A Pleasurable Palette: Sensation Beyond Imagination

Let’s play a game—what’s your flavor of the day? Whether you find solace in the soothing duet of a 4 hands massage, crave the intimate shared whispers of a Couple Erotic Massage, or find yourself intrigued by the allure of an Exotic massage, I’ve got the magic touch you desire. The moment you step into my sanctuary, consider yourself the centerpiece of an artistic masterpiece—every stroke, every pressure point, every move is orchestrated to resonate with your soul’s craving for freedom and peace.

At the wise but sprightly age of 29, my knack for curating unforgettable experiences is unparalleled. While youth may be the kingdom of possibilities, experience is the wealth of choices. Fluent in the languages of love and comfort—English and Russian—I serve as the ultimate bilingual muse for your most guarded fantasies and desires. Language, after all, is not just about words but the stories that unfold through unspoken dialogues.

The allure isn’t just skin deep. Gaze into my captivating brown eyes and let yourself be swept away by the promises they hold. My long, luscious red hair not just frames my face but serves as a curtain that veils the masterpiece that is you during our sessions. With a svelte, slim figure standing at 168 cm and weighing 60 kg, I am a living, breathing artwork poised to engage in the dance of mutual pleasure. Every inch of my natural B cup size, dress size zero physique is fine-tuned to harmonize with your body’s unique melody.

A whiff of freshness is promised as I uphold a non-smoking lifestyle, ensuring that your sensory journey remains untainted. My canvas is clean, with no tattoos to distract from the experience, and a shave as smooth as the journey I will take you on. With a tasteful yet playful undertone, I promise to make your heart race in the most delightful ways.

With me, your comfort is not a luxury—it’s a right. So, close your eyes, forget the world, and prepare to explore new heights of bliss. Your sanctuary awaits; all you need to do is step in. Booking your session with me is your first step toward an unmatched crescendo of sensory pleasure. Why deny yourself the divine? Reach out now, and let me show you what you’ve been missing.

Liza's rates: 350 EUR
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Deep tissue erotic massage

30 min
190 / 150* EUR
60 min
290 / 250* EUR
90 min
390 / 350* EUR
2 hour
490 / 450* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Massage Erotic Domination (BDSM Massage)

30 min
200 / 160* EUR
60 min
340 / 300* EUR
90 min
440 / 400* EUR
2 hour
540 / 500* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Tantric massage

30 min
210 / 160* EUR
60 min
350 / 300* EUR
90 min
590 / 540* EUR
*Outcall / Incall

Couple Erotic Massage

30 min
410 / 370* EUR
60 min
590 / 550* EUR
90 min
790 / 750* EUR
2 hour
990 / 950* EUR
*Outcall / Incall