Exotic massage

If we ask you what part of woman’s body is most attractive to you, you would probably answer “breasts” or “hips”. What if we offer you several exotic massage techniques involving very close contact with masseuse’s body so you can feel the touch of her breast and other sweet curves.

Touching your body by breasts and especially by nipples is one of the components of the Thai erotic massage, which is carried out not so much by hands as by different parts of the body of the masseuse. Breast massage is mostly done by the nipples. The girl gently and weightlessly touches your body with these intimate knobs, caressing you. Light touches are replaced by more intense ones when she lays down on you and slides over the skin, squeezing her and making the blood run faster. Alternating impressions warm up the body more and more, the emotional intensity is growing.

Thai doctrine of energy lines flowing through the human body explains that an important energy channel connected with the heart passes through the nipples, and an energy of Yin flows through this channel from the young girl’s body to your body, filling you with joy and excitement.

Japanese techniques of erotic massage called Nuru looks similar with the Thai body massage but has a very important difference which dramatically changes the effect - special Nuru gel made of Japanese nori. Moisturizing ingredients and plant extracts are useful for the skin condition and for general relaxation of the body, and it’s special texture decreases friction providing better sliding of masseuse on your body and increases sensitivity of your skin.

Tantric massage is well known in the Western world but is often misunderstood to be casual erotic massage. “Tantra” means “connection” which perfectly explains the whole essence of the technique of tantric massage. When casual erotic massage is concentrated on the erogenous zones, tantric massage will make your whole body a single erogenous zone.

During the session of tantric massage you will achieve a special state of weightlessness and bliss that you have had hardly ever experienced before in your life. You’ll receive a tangible effect of an energy surge, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with yourself and with the world around you.

Exotic body massage is a great option for a pleasant pastime both for those who are only discovering the delights of erotic massage, and for sophisticated connoisseurs who are already familiar with its various types.

Dexterous and sensual masseuses of our parlour will help you to discover the pleasure of an exotic erotic massage based on the ancient nation traditions and unique techniques, leading you to the completely new sensations. You will undoubtedly achieve maximum relaxation and plunge into the world of exotic pleasure.


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Exotic massage