Hello, my name is Mari. I am from the United Kingdom, I am 25 years old. I am a very experienced and sensual masseuse. Massage is my passion, especially opium massages, with relaxing, warm and seductive fragrances. All my energy is expressed through my caresses in order to make you relax and recharge your batteries. My body is seductive, I have very feminine and elegant curves. My clients always remember my erotic outfits. I have a very special touch. I am a professional in opium massage, and in relaxation, all my clients have always been very satisfied. What do you think of that? Would you like to try the experience with me.

Erotic Masseuse Mari

Opium massage

Opium fragrance oil has warm, resinous, harsh, bitterish odor. It is suitable very well for chilly and wet weather.

Opium may be efficiently used at raised nervous irritability, defatigation, tiredness, sadness, it defends from malevolence of surrounding persons, restores aura.


Romantic package (Vip massage + Dinner and cruise with life music)